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Introducing Simple Similes to Younger Children

Are You Looking For Inspiration?

As a busy teacher are you sometimes looking for quick and easy writing ideas that the children will love and will give you some amazing results? Then we have the answer for you.

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Five Funny Old Fellows – Having Fun With Limericks

One of the poems in David’s latest poetry book for children – ‘All Good Things – A Book of Utterly Brilliant Poetry For Children‘, is called ‘Five Funny Old Fellows’. Each verse begins with lines from the limericks of Edward Lear.

In this post we are going to suggest some activities your children might have a go at after reading David’s poem.

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What Happened to Peter Piper’s Pickled Peppers?

We all know about Peter Piper and the pickled peppers he picked but have you ever wondered what happened to those pickled peppers? Read on to find out and then get your class to create some alliterating tongue twister stories of their own.

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