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What If An Elephant Married a Fridge?

If an elephant married a fridge you’d get an elephridge! This is what it might look like:

The elephridge is white as snow and grey as concrete.
It has a large door in its front and also a long, bendy trunk.
Its skin is as hot as the sun, but inside it is freezing cold.
Its sound is a soft rumble and a loud trumpeting
It looks after your food, and will only eat electricity and grass.
It can stand completely still in your house and walk forever across Africa.


Now it’s your turn…

First, read all the details below before you start your writing.

If such a thing as an elephridge could exist, it would be what we call a hybrid. A hybrid animal is the offspring of two different species. So, a mule is a hybrid, born from a horse and a donkey. Some modern cars are hybrids; they have both a petrol and an electric engine.

You are now going to create your own hybrid. A most unusual one.

Begin by choosing one animal. It can be a wild one, or a farm one, or a pet one. An extinct one. One that flies, one that swims, one that lives on land. You choose.

Note down some brief details of your chosen animal; where it lives; its size and shape; its colouring; any sounds it makes; what it does; what it eats.

Now choose a machine. It can be large or small. It can be bang up to date or very old-fashioned. It can be a machine found in the home, or on the roads, or on a building site, or…  It might run on petrol, coal, nuclear power, rocket fuel. You choose.

Note down some details of your chosen machine: its size and appearance; where you normally find it; its noise; what fuel it uses; what it does.

Now start putting both your lists together to make your hybrid. Put every pair of details onto a new line. The more items you include, the more your hybrid comes to life.

Finally, see if the two names of your chosen machine and animal can be mashed together to make an exciting new name.

And Finally…

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David and Mike – Goodeyedeers

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