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How To Make Taking The Register More Exciting

Imagine the day when taking the register in your classroom could be more fun. Read on and you will see how you and your class can create a brand new, personal and fun class register.

We are going to begin by listening to a great poem written and narrated by David Horner. It is called ‘Reggie Take The Register’.

Did you enjoy that?

I imagine you are already going through the names of your children and deciding how you might similarly describe them.

Here is a copy of the text of the poem so that you can see how simply it is laid out.

Why not get your class working in pairs or small groups experimenting with their names and decide what rhyming characteristics would go alongside them.

After hearing David’s poem these Year 4/5 ‘bubble group’ of children at Oakwood Avenue Primary School came up with this marvellous poem:

The Double Trouble Bubble Rules Register

Oaky take the register.
With his big pink blankie, it’s Frankie.
Looking as cute as a baby, here comes Daisy!
She’s the opposite of floppy, it’s Poppy.
You’re not going to leave, because here comes Neve.
Hide in the bin, here comes Fin.
Here comes Keira, but don’t come near her.
Her dad’s a sailor, it’s our Makayla.
Looking like a VIP, it’s George C.
With his brand new pen, here comes Ethan N.
What a shame, we’re missing Aimee.
Playing football glory, here comes Corley.
It’s Ethan M, holding a dead flower stem!
With her amazing pizazz, Here comes Jazz.
Shining like a gem, it’s our George M.
Let’s all look eager, it’s Mrs Weaver.
All sit down… it’s Mrs Brown!

Oaky, by the way, is the name of the school mascot.

I don’t know about you but I think this poem is better than David’s, but don’t tell him I said so!

Now it’s time for you to turn your children lose and see what they can do to the class register.

Have fun!

Mike and David from Goodeyedeers.


A writer of short stories.

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