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Three Spine-Chilling Halloween Writing Ideas

We have some spooktacular writing resources available in the Goodeyedeers Shop. Each one packed with ideas to help you have a great lesson with your children.

Writing Spine-Chilling Haiku Poems

This PowerPoint lesson starts by explaining what a Haiku poem is and then has the children recognising and counting syllables.

They then have a chance to complete some half-finished Haiku. This can be done as a whole class, in pairs or groups or individually.

Finally, the children are given some picture prompts to help get them started on writing their own spine-chilling Halloween Haiku.

Haiku Poems for Halloween

Writing Spooky Cinquain Poems

In this PowerPoint lesson, the children are introduced to cinquain poetry and how it is made up of five unrhymed lines and a syllable count 2-4-6-8-2.

The lesson takes them through some half-finished examples which the children work together to finish before going off and writing some of their own.

Halloween Poems

Writing Blood-Curdling Kennings Poetry

In this PowerPoint lesson, the children find out what a Kenning is and its origins in Anglo-Saxon times.

They are then shown how to write some modern Halloween Kennings which they then put into couplets to create their blood-curdling Halloween poems.

Writing Blood-Curdling Kennings Poems for Halloween

Happy Halloween from Mike and David at Goodeyedeers.


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