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7 Great Poetry Ideas for Younger Children

In this video for teachers David Horner, our very own children’s poet in residence here at Goodeyedeers, talks you through a variety of poetry writing ideas all using the word ‘when’.

The word ‘when’ is the single most useful word in the dictionary for starting a poem, especially for younger or less confident writers.

In the video at the end of this post David will talk you through seven ideas for writing poems using the word ‘when’. He finishes by going into detail about writing weather poems;

Idea 1 – 7-line week poems with each line starting something like, ‘When it is Monday…

Idea 2 – 4-line seasons poems with each line starting like, ‘When it is spring…’

Idea 3 – 12-line calendar poems, ‘When it is January…’

Idea 4 – festival poems, ‘When it is Diwali…’

Idea 5 – poems for special occasions, ‘When it is my birthday…’

Idea 6 – mood poems, ‘I am grumpy when…’

Idea 7 – weather poems, ‘When it’s raining…’

Now watch the video and then explore some or all of these ideas with your children. Which one are you going to try first?

Have fun!

David and Mike from Goodeyedeers


A writer of short stories.

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