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Can You Create Some Awesome New Superstitions?

Imagine what some of the well-known, if somewhat silly, superstitions might look like if they were rewritten to make sense!

Your children are going to enjoy listening to David’s ‘Sensible Superstitions’ and then working through the suggestions below to create their some of their own.


Superstitions are strange things that you either laugh at or wholeheartedly believe in.

Across the world there are strange superstitions, many of them steeped in history and tradition.

In Turkey, for example, some people never chew gum after sunset.

According to Turkish legend when a person chews gum at night it turns into the flesh of the dead!

In Portugal, some people believe that walking backwards is unlucky.

It is said that this lets the Devil know where you are and where you are going!

superstitions.001 copy

Very Sensible Superstitions

In this poem, written and read by our very own children’s poet David Horner, he suggests how some of our well-known superstitions might be rewritten.

He calls these his ‘Very Sensible Superstitions!’

He has taken some of our rather weird and silly superstitions and re-written so that they are much more sensible.

Do you think they are better?

This short video would make an excellent lesson starter for children looking at superstitions, what they mean and where they originate from.

Here is the text of the poem to give you an idea of the format used in its written form.

Some Very Sensible Superstitions

If you spit
into the wind
three times
you’ll get a very
wet face.

A black cat
crossing your path
it’s going
in a different direction
to you.

a piece of coal
in your pocket
and you’ll always have
a dirty handkerchief.

If you say
the same thing as your friend
at the same time,
one of you
should shut up.

a four-leafed clover
in the evening and
you were unlucky
not to find it

If you walk to school
and very carefully
avoid all the cracks
and lines in the pavement,
you’ll be late.

David Horner

Making Silly Superstitions Sensible

Here are six silly superstitions.

Can you get your children to write them out again but this time making them sensible?

Try and use the format that David used when he wrote his Very Sensible Superstitions.

You should end up with a poem with six verses

Six superstitions for Goodeyedeers blog post about Sensible Superstitions

There is a lot of information on the Internet about different superstitions around the world.

What is the weirdest one you can find?

Mike and David – Goodeyedeers

A link to The Goodeyedeers Shop at TES Resources


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