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Zentangle Animals to Colour

Colouring has been a childhood favourite for many years and adult colouring is now also a popular pastime. Read on to get your FREE colouring pages.

Your children and maybe you as well, will love colouring these five zentangle animal designs. These FREE patterns are available from the Goodeyedeers TpT Store and the Goodeyedeers TES Shop.

Zentangle is a fun, easy to learn and accessible way of reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety and creating a sense of calm through the drawing of beautiful patterns.

Zentangle was created in 2004 by Rick Roberts, a multi skilled practitioner who has a lifelong understanding of meditation and mindful living and Maria Thomas, a highly skilled calligrapher and artist. They realised just how meditative and calming it was to be mindfully focused on drawing repeated, deliberate, slow strokes.

Your children will enjoy showing their creative flair while coloring these designs. They are suitable for all ages and are a great way for your children to unwind and relax.

The therapeutic, stress-busting properties of colouring are well-known: and can be fantastic when you feel the need for some calm, relaxing “me” time.


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