Who Are Goodeyedeers?


We are two retired educators combining our experience and expertise to create resources for teachers and homeschoolers.

These can be found in The Goodeyedeers Shop at TES Resources or The Goodeyedeers Store at TpT.

Our resources are predominantly for primary aged children but some are also appropriate for younger pupils in High School.

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson

I’m a retired primary school headteacher.

For over 25 years I was head of three different primary schools in Warrington.

I’ve always had a great passion for learning and a particular interest in how teachers can harness the potential of technology to enhance that learning.

Since retirement, I’ve been following my love of storytelling and some years ago created a blog called ‘Stories Matter’ where I publish my flash fiction.

I also enjoy writing  Twitter Fiction! You can find some of this at @mj51day 

David Horner

photo 1 copy
David Horner

Before my retirement, I was a full-time freelance writer and performer; provider of workshops and in-service training sessions.

I spent a number of years delivering readings, performances, workshops, training sessions, lectures to around five hundred schools: nursery, primary, secondary and special.

I’ve also worked with higher education students/lecturers, librarians and community workers.

I’ve had a number of my poems published in many magazines and anthologies; won prizes in national competitions as well as being broadcast on BBC local and national radio and on television.


All the money we raise from the sale of our resources goes to a children’s charity called MedEquip4Kids.

“Our aim is to help ensure babies, children and teenagers receive the best possible care when sick or injured.” MedEquip4Kids


So, that’s us …

You can also find us on Twitter @goodeyedeers.

Or check us out on Pinterest.

If you would like to know more please feel free to leave a question in the comments or send us a Tweet @goodeyedeers.

Please leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you.

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