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What Happened to Peter Piper’s Pickled Peppers?

We all know about Peter Piper and the pickled peppers he picked but have you ever wondered what happened to those pickled peppers? Read on to find out and then get your class to create some alliterating tongue twister stories of their own.

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Can You Create Some Awesome New Superstitions?

Imagine what some of the well-known, if somewhat silly, superstitions might look like if they were rewritten to make sense!

Your children are going to enjoy listening to David’s ‘Sensible Superstitions’ and then working through the suggestions below to create their some of their own.

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Teach Your Class How To Write Lantern Poetry

Are you looking for a great writing idea to try out with your class?

This idea has lots of potential and your children will love it. We will start by explaining just what a lantern poem is and then look at some ideas you might want to try out with your class.

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