Making Sense of Jabberwocky

Making Sense of Jabberwocky

Jabberwocky – Making Sense of Nonsense This is one of our most popular resources. It is aimed at children in upper KS2 and lower KS3 and looks at the nonsensical poem Jabberwocky and suggests a fun way to disect the poem, line by line, and put some sort […]

Writing in Semaphore

How To Write Messages In Semaphore

What Is Semaphore? This is a way of sending messages using flags. These flags are usually square, each one divided diagonally, with each half in two contrasting colours, normally red and yellow. The name comes from two Greek words: sema, meaning ‘sign’ and phero, meaning ‘to bear’ or […]

Bring A Poet Into Your Classroom

David Horner, our poet in residence here at Goodeyedeers, used to be a freelance children’s poet visiting schools up and down the country. A typical session in school would consist of reading some of his poems and then leading workshops with different classes to get the children writing […]

An Alphabet Full Of Silent Letters

Is This A Football Score? Hawaii 12        Cambodia 74  No, not a football score, though we’d like to have been there if it was! No, it’s matters alphabetical again and those are the numbers of letters in the countries’ alphabets. Heaven knows how Hawaiians manage with just 12 […]