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Poetry In Your Classroom

The Importance of Poetry In Schools

Poetry has a unique place in our curriculum.

It can be taught as part of reading, writing, and literacy lessons and it fits easily into classroom themes, projects, and celebrations.

Michael Rosen, poet and Children’s Laureate 2007-2009 said:

‘Teachers sometimes ask me, “What’s the best way to get children writing poems?” One of the first things I suggest is to create a poetry-friendly classroom. It’s about making a classroom a place where poems are welcome. It’s about pleasure, stimulation, feeling, curiosity, wonder and fun and children finding their own voice.’

Five Reasons You Should Be Teaching Poetry In Your Classroom

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Encourage Your Children To Have Fun With Alliteration

Alliteration is simply the repetition of words beginning with the same letter/sound.

Its hold on our senses begins as soon as we are made aware of language in childhood, with rhymes such as ‘Sing a Song of Sixpences’ and ‘A ring, a ring o’ roses’. Plus a host of alliterating characters from ‘Little Boy Blue’ to ‘Wee Willie Winkle’.

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If The World Was Crazy, What Might It Look Like?

Poetry is an important aspect of literacy in the national curriculum.

Children should explore different types of poetry and revisit them regularly through the school year.

They should be exposed to a wide range of good quality poems so that they can read, recite, share and enjoy them.

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