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How To Have Fun With Alliteration and Tongue Twisters

Alliteration is simply the repetition of words beginning with the same letter/sound.

Its hold on our senses begins as soon as we are made aware of language in childhood, with rhymes such as ‘Sing a Song of Sixpences’ and ‘A ring, a ring o’ roses’. Plus a host of alliterating characters from ‘Little Boy Blue’ to ‘Wee Willie Winkle’.

How can you use the power of alliteration in your clasroom?

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Having Fun With Poetry

Here are a number of suggestions as to how you might get your children writing poetry about their hands – and maybe their feet as well!

We are going to look at a poem by Michael Rosen called, ‘This Is The Hand’ and use it as a stimulus to getting your children writing their own poems.

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